TEM196: Why Starbucks isn't overpriced


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TEM196: Why Starbucks isn't overpriced

Why I don't think Starbucks is overpriced even though I'm not a fan of their coffee.

On Today's Episode of The Entrepreneurial Musician:

  • How Starbucks sells more than just coffee
  • Why artists must think about the entire experience we are offering rather than just the art in a vacuum
  • A reminder that not everyone will sign up for the experience you are offering
  • What we as artists can learn from a world-class restaurant


  • TEM Extra: Episode 10 - A bonus episode with Mark G. Meadows discussing the vital need to outsource aspects of your business, the advice he would give to his college-aged self if he could go back in time, and the importance of creating a network early because you will need people along the way

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