74 The One About Airbnbs In NYC, Milkadamia, Art Gallery App For Extra Revenue


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early release & after show @ http://www.patreon.com/samhurd the epic podcast is Sam Hurd http://instagram.com/iamthesam and Nathan Mitchell http://instagram.com/nathanmitchellphotography show notes: computer webcam quality needs an overhaul airbnb deals in NYC nathan explores baltimore nathan’s neighbors are partying do we have a rich back catalog? using this time to identify stress in your previous life milkadamia how are you coping wihtout any income? PPP has run out of money pic-time art prints? how are gallery hosts innovating? complete pic-time workflow APP review nathan’s uncle orders prints w/ success MD sole props can now file for unemployment how sam is pointing to the phase system to inform how he handles client rescheudle requests

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