The Essential Lighter Side: Mudhustler Part 3


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Jonathan Giordano, aka "Mudhustler" was the single most influential weight-loss personality for me when I got serious about using social media as a system of support. His recipes, like the Big Ass Waffle, the One Point Donut, and Bird Balls, were so pervasive in the Weight Watchers world that I was making them daily years before I ever got to know the man behind them.
Now, I consider Jonathan a friend and a peer. When he isn't being a social media influencer, Jonathan runs a concrete company in Massachusetts. The company has been deemed essential, so Jon is still hard at work, but the toll that this pandemic has taken on him is apparent.
This is the third time Jonathan has been on my show, and it is absolutely the most raw he has been as well. This hasn't been easy on him, nor has it been on any of us, and he once again has shown that his ability to strip away the nonsense and show his true self is an invaluable trait, and a huge part of the reason he retains a devoted following.
This is a very real conversation about mental health, weight loss, and video games.
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