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A big warm European welcome to the many new listeners who've joined us over the last few weeks! Here's a little bonus episode in which Dominic and Katy introduce themselves and suggest a few favourite episodes you may want to check out. Our guests are amazing people from all around Europe: chefs, designers, athletes, scientists... Here are the highlights mentioned in this show: May 7: Making a living from gambling on Eurovision March 27: A Michelin-starred chef on pizza and national identity March 20: Vogue's international editor on euro-fashion Feb 6: The philosophy behind IKEA Feb 20: Juggling a hairdressing career with Olympic curling Jan 16: The trouble with translating Donald Trump Jan 30: A beginner's guide to Viennese waltzing Dec 19: The lack of diversity in EU institutions Find us on the internet: twitter.com/EuropeansPod facebook.com/europeanspodcast instagram.com/europeanspodcast

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