152: Special Considerations for Zoom and Phone Job Interviews


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I’ve given you tons of content around interviewing; today’s podcast is about the special considerations surrounding Zoom and phone interviews.

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Let’s start with Zoom (or Skype or other video-based conferencing system):


-Download and get familiar with the app you’ll be using

-Practice with a friend and record (an interview coach is always the best)

-Check audio and video performance beforehand

-Make sure your internet connection is solid

-Make sure your name is on the screen

-Close everything else on your computer

-Look into the camera while you are speaking

-Use the mute button in case of emergency

-Use a laptop or desktop rather than your phone (iPad may work okay)


-Test your room lighting

-Take a critical look at your background

-Select a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed

-Silence your phone

-Turn off all notifications


-Have a cheat sheet and your resume handy

-Have a pen and paper handy


-Wear professional attire

-Remember: your face is the only place they can read your body language

-Be on time, but not early

-Verify date, time, etc.

-Speak slowly and clearly

-Try not to get flustered if technology problems occur

-Keep water nearby

Specific to phone interviews:

-If the call wasn’t scheduled and you don’t feel prepared or centered, ask if you could talk at another time.

-Smile – they will hear it in your voice.

-Be where you can get optimal cell reception.

-Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on questions to make sure you are going in the right direction with your response.

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