153: Planning for a Job Search in the New Year - What You Must Do Now


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Many of you have been job searching this year and will be continuing your job search into 2021. Others of you will start a job search in the new year.

I use the analogy of a starting line for your job search. Mid-January is the beginning of what is typically the largest hiring push of the year. At that time, you want to be ready to job search.

This means you aren’t still creating a resume, polishing your LI profile, learning how to interview, or researching employers at that time – you are at the starting line of the race.

You are ready to job search.

Here are the 11 steps you should be taking before the end of 2020 so that you are at that starting line by mid-January:

1. A professionally prepared resume.

2. An updated, on-brand LinkedIn profile, with a new pic if it’s more than a few years old.

3. A minimum of 500 LI connections.

4. A clear picture of what you require in an employer.

5. A target employer list of 12-15 companies that meet your requirements.

6. Identify how you will get your foot in the door with each of your target employers (quadrants).

7. Research on each of your target employers so you can articulate why you are the right person for the company.

8. A Google search to make sure there’s nothing out there that will give a prospective employer pause.

9. A multi-pronged job search strategy that focuses on networking.

10.Confidence in your interview skills.

11.MOST IMPORTANT: A proper mindset to achieve all of the above. Listen to next week’s episode where we talk about the 5 Areas Mind Drama Can Keep into Your Job Search.

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