What is happening with the white-water rafting plan for Dublin's city centre?


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Dublin is set to gain a new tourist attraction in the coming years, but it's one that caught many people by surprise. A white-water rafting facility was given the green light by councillors this week. It's expected to cost in the region of €22 million and take 18 months to complete. The location earmarked for the project is George's Dock in the city centre, adjacent to the CHQ building and a short walk from Connolly Station and Busarus. The facility has received support from athletes and emergency services who will be able to use it for training, as well as those who say it will attract thousands of visitors to Dublin, but has also been criticised as an outlandish project at a time when the country grapples with a homelessness crisis. In this week's episode of The Explainer, we're joined by TheJournal.ie reporter Conor McCrave, Green Party councillor Patrick Costello, and kayak slalom champion Samuel Curtis to discuss the ins and outs of this project - what the facility itself would consist of, its main benefits, how the scope for developing the site in other ways is somewhat limited, as well as the main criticisms it has faced.

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