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Episode 9 of the Social Marketing Hour features 2X 8 figure agency owner, Jason Swenk. If you’re an agency owner or you want to start your own agency this podcast is for you!

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by this gentleman and now I have him here with me on the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast. His name is Jason Swenk and he got started as an entrepreneur back at the age of 12; selling golf balls that he fished out the ponds back to golfers. Later, Jason ran an agency for twelve years and grew it to 8-figures while working with clients such as Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and AT&T.

After selling that agency, for a profit, he decided to develop a new business. One with the unique proposition of providing the support and resources he wished he'd had while running his original marketing agency.

Throughout the podcast, we cover topics such as: * How to find your first client * Building an agency * Framework for fast growth * How to transition from owner to CEO * Philosophy of the journey


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