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Former Fantasy Premier League (FPL) champion Simon March joins me to discuss the impact of his 2014/15 winning season, what it takes to conquer the game and how he dealt with pressure at the top.

He also reveals how his victory has unlocked work opportunities and why avoiding watching matches proved a blessing in disguise in his title winning campaign.

With two top 10,000 finishes prior to his momentous victory and top 50,000 overall ranks in his subsequent three seasons he remains as committed to FPL as ever, with his masters degree in behavioural science at the London School of Economics now giving him extra motivation.

His chat about how his academic work links up with Fantasy management proves revelatory, in particular how Swansea’s former striker Michu is still impacting on many managers transfer plans despite last kicking a ball in the English top flight six years ago.

Joe’s chat with Simon was recorded earlier this year.

The Meet the Manager series involves Joe interviewing a manager with a stellar track record in Fantasy Football.

Over the summer each episode from the video archive is being converted to audio only and released as a podcast.


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