Don't Lead with the Opinion


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The markets are beginning to hit the summer doldrums, but that's not a time for investor complacency! Michael Farr welcomes guest Jim Lebenthal of CNBC and Cerity Partners for a dive into the markets. Jim says the markets can expect some choppiness, but he expects another leg up before the end of the year that will reward the patient investor.
Political analyst Dan Mahaffee joins for a look at DC politics, and the policy compromises that are likely to be made. He sees three trains coming down the track but the Congress may only have room for one.

In our special guest segment, Michael welcomes Robert Frick, Corporate Economist from Navy Federal Credit Union. Bob says the economic puzzle is 90% complete, but it will take a long time, and there will be some pain, in finishing the last 10%. He also says that in spite of the ongoing economic distortions caused by the pandemic, never underestimate the resilience of the US economy.

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