Moments for Miscalculation


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The headlines may have cooled off in recent weeks, but there are mountains of stories impacting Wall Street, Washington, and the World -- and The FarrCast is here to help you sort it out.
Michael Farr begins welcoming investor, manager, former floor specialist, and all around nice guy Kenny Polcari for his take on the market. Kenny is optimistic, but admits we've already had a good year, and perhaps this is where the markets finish at Christmas. Our political analyst Dan Mahaffee joins for an update on infrastructure and the what the Chinese digital currency means for investors, and for geo politics.
Our special guest this week is a FarrCast fan favorite, Lester Munson, former Chief of Staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Les discusses foreign aid in Central America, Russian sabre rattling in Ukraine, Chinese ambition in the South China Sea, and why Iran wants everyone to think they want a nuclear weapon -- but they really don't. All of the geo-politics bubbling beneath the surface have economic and investing implications, and The FarrCast has the experts and insiders to bring you the knowledge you need.
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