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The markets have been choppy, but The FarrCast here is to dive in and help keep your head above water! Michael Farr is joined by Kenny Polcari for a discussion of the markets, and Kenny says the rotation was to be expected as interest rates rise. While the markets were a little spooked by how fast yields rose, they look to be a little more stable now, and Kenny is constructive looking ahead.

In DC it may be warming up outside, but the rhetorical temperature has cooled off. Political analyst Dan Mahaffee tells us though it doesn't mean there is nothing of importance going on. He parses through the $1.9tn stimulus package, and some of the big promises it makes.
For our special guest segment, we turn to Heather Long of The Washington Post. Heather is one of the smartest people in the economics world, and has written on the distortions in the pandemic economy. The stimulus bill addresses some of the problems she sees, and while we are far from out of the storm, she is less worried than she was.
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