Kickin’ It Old School ADHD in NYC w/ Actor, Musician, Writer & Friend Chris Orbach


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Our guest today is an old friend. I am happy to welcome Actor, (theatrical, television, silver screen), Songwriter, Musician (vocalist, pianist, guitarist), national Voiceover artist, Writer and fellow New York City kid, Chris Orbach to the podcast! In Chris’s travels, he’s cracked jokes with Jennifer Aniston, become drunk with Peter Dinklage, made Al Pacino laugh, beaten James Caan at a game of 8-ball, talked w/ John McEnroe about guitars, ate Chinese food with Tim Curry, watched Sir Robert Stephens do speeches from “The Scottish Play” in a restaurant in London, and listened -hunched and spellbound- in a corner of a recording studio while the great Sonny Rollins recorded. He has been a poet, a photographer, a swing dancer, and has finished multiple marathons- all in his 40’s and while staying true to his vegan diet. Of all the many things he’s done and the hats he’s worn, husband & father remain the two that make Chris most proud. He and designer/event planner Nicole Vallance married in 2011. He now splits his time between New York City and the Western Catskills where Nicole tends a bountiful garden, while Chris beats up an uncooperative lawnmower. No matter how long he lives in the country, he retains the inner tempo and sensibilities of a guy who grew up in New York City.. at a time when this city was still gritty. We talk about some of that jazz and his childhood experiences with ADHD here today. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter & Chris discuss:

0:45- Intro & welcome Chris Orbach!

1:45- Ref: Specialized High School For Performing Arts that inspired the TV series FAME

2:22- Ref: On Law & Order SVU

2:40- Wondering what was it like for you, working with your father?

4:06- We talked earlier about your childhood and how you thought you probably had ADHD. Would you share some of those stories/experiences with us?

7:48- On school years and testing

8:38- Embedded in your career/job, there seems to be a level of creativity along with certain personality quirks, habits, decision making tendencies- all traits that are in common with folks diagnosed with ADHD, unfortunately including addiction. Talk about some of the in-common positives and negatives you’ve learned about?

15:45- On: as you understand that you are the one who must put guardrails in place, the better & better you become at staying at your best.

17:20- On sobriety

18:12- On ADHD & decision making

19:30- What was it like for you growing up in New York City, in Chelsea, circa 1976?

25:30- What are you most excited about in your life right now?

26:00- On the current state of voiceover work in the entertainment/media business

29:44- What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?

31:05- How can people find you Chris? IMDB @chrisorbach on: Twitter FB INSTA

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33:01- Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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