Episode 138 - Ernest Scared Stupid


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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened. After years of daydreaming and podcast about that high-minded intersection of faith and fear, Reed has finally fulfilled his dream of making the show officially Scared Stupid. Ernest Scared Stupid, that is.

That's right, friends and neighbors, this week, the podcast is taking the high ground; we are chucking the Miak at the trolls; we are at full-blown 8th-level Mario Bros as we discuss the absurd and outrageous (but subversively charming) family film, Ernest Scared Stupid starring the late, great Jim Varney, featuring all the Botswanian lumberjacks you can possibly fit into one episode as well as the next three episodes of Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead for good measure.

It's a very fun episode this week, knowwhutimean?

9:36 - Whatcha Watchin/Readin/Listenin To?

18:02 - Ash vs Evil Dead

44:20 - Ernest Scared Stupid

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