Episode 151 - Dark, Season 1


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We've traversed the cave. We've traveled through multiple decades. And now it is time to bring the first wave of #speakingintongues out of the cave and into the light with a conversation about the first season of the Netflix original series, DARK. After conversing about what they've been watching lately (and teasing an upcoming episode), Nathan and Reed debrief episodes 9 & 10 of the first season before exploring the highly surprising themes and reflections the series sparked in them. Discussion surrounds how the past informs or defines us, the challenges of personal ownership, and -- most of all -- how the world beyond our back door is filled with wanderers, and how Jesus is indeed on every road. It's a hearty and heartfelt conclusion to a very special series this week and we hope you enjoy it.

1:32 - A very bizarre introduction, and some rather exciting announcements

12:12 - Whatcha Watchin / Readin / Listenin to?

21:16 - DARK, Season 1

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