Ep. 27 - Chasing the what if on your way to your Big audacious dream, and how to stay focused on the long game! with Stef Gass


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Hey Girl welcome to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer, so glad that you're hanging out with me. I'm so excited and honored to have Stefanie Gass on the podcast! She is an amazing woman who is leading and empowering other women to step into their purpose and today she's here to drop some knowledge with us, but also share her heart! What I love about her the most is that she is truly an authentic woman. I went from listening to her episodes to being mentored by her. On this episode we chat about chasing your big audacious dream, and how to stay focused on the long game. So many women jump into doing things and want instant results, but the truth is that it takes time to see results. So how do you stay focused when you don't see results? How do you keep pushing through when you feel like giving up because others think you're crazy for chasing your dream. Stefanie shares with us how you can chase your dream while having a back up plan, and wearing your long-term glasses. This episode is going to challenge you to start dreaming big, but will also challenge you to chase that thing on your heart while you're afraid.
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P.S. If you have ever thought about starting a podcast check out Stef's Podcasting course, she's a genius when it comes to helping women launch podcasts.

Stefanie Gass is a Jesus lover, wife, and mom of two boys from Tijeras, NM. She is the host of a top 25 ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show.

Stef specializes in helping women uncover and tap into their God-led callings, create Kingdom Businesses, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching. (All while rocking pj's all day and sipping luke-warm coffee).
Stef wants women to create true change for themselves and God's Kingdom by using their gifts for glory, and serving the world with a business that lights them up!

Stef believes that when we let God light our path, we will experience true miracles, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul.
Connect with Stefanie Gass -

Website: stefaniegass.com

IG: @stefaniegass

Community: bit.ly/successsupportgroup

Email: support@stefaniegass.com

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