Ep. 28 // Bonus - Girl, you really don't NEED to tone it down! You are called to be a leader, don't disqualify yourself. - with Rose Ore


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Girl, you are in for a treat on today's episode! This is a cafecito convo that I had with my friend Rosa a.k,a Rose. She is an amazing woman that I truly admire. She joined me in the Fearless Mujer private Facebook group for some virtual cafecito! She shares with us what a leader truly is and why women have not been viewed as leaders. You will be refreshed by what Rosa shares on this episode. Have you felt that you need to tone it down? Were you told that your only job was to serve a man or clean your house? That is exactly how I was raised, and Rosa shares a little about her upbringing with us. We touch on what Machismo is, and trust me you're going to switch your perspective on leadership after listening to this episode. If you have disqualified yourself from being a leader, you can stop that now. God has qualified you to be just that.
This is not the whole conversation, but if you would like to watch this Cafecito Convo you can watch it in the Fearless Mujer private Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefearlessmujer
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Rosa has partnered with an amazing organization, Mujer Talento has is on a mission to transform women's lives that are escaping domestic violence, prostitution, drugs, human trafficking and poverty.
Rose is traveling to Medellin, Colombia to speak to these women about leadership. To help Rosa raise money for this beautiful mission please visit

Learn more about Rosa and connect with her:

Rosa owns a digital marketing company https://www.instagram.com/globalrosemedia/
which helps entrepreneurs grow their brand awareness and increase their influence on social media. She also teaches leadership principles to women and empowers them to reach their full potential.
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