Ep. 29 - How to write your own permission slip to becoming bold and confident! - with Jessica Valentina founder of the Latina Business Academy


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Hey Girl, I am so excited that you're hanging out with me. I had the honor of having Jessica Valentina a.k.a The Latina Business Coach on the podcast. Let me tell you, she is super cool and authentic. She tells us all about her journey to becoming the Latina Business Coach, how you can write your own permission slip so you can be who you are called to be, and she also tells us how you can start using your "confidence muscle" so you can start showing up! This episode is going to inspire you to start asking yourself "who do I want to be, and how can I become her?" When Jessica couldn't find the Latina Business Coach who could help her, she became her. That is so powerful, and I want you to know that you can also become the woman you need. You can become her, so that you can go out there and empower others through your idea, or story. Jessica is proof that you can accomplish your dream and be successful as long as you have the desire and grit. As Jessica said, "sometimes we are just waiting for someone to give us permission to do it, and the best thing is writing our own permission slip."
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Jessica Valentina is the founder of Latina Business Coach, Podcast Host, and founder of Latina Business Academy.

Jessica spent the first 6 years of entrepreneurship starting new businesses, quitting, and starting over again. After having her children back-to-back, she decided to give myself ONE more chance at success. She began to look for a “Latina business coach” who could teach her how to start a business and run from home with two toddlers… When she didn’t find who she was looking for, she took it upon herself to become her and create the program she desperately needed.

After going from “failed entrepreneur” to 5 figure months in less than a year with two signature courses that helped SO many women, start, build, and launch businesses… She’s on a mission to give Latinas the strategies they need to build online empires so that they can not only share their gifts with the world, but also monetize them!
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