Ep. 33 // Bonus - Why you need to get rid of the mind junk! Join me at the Free From Mind Junk 2-day workshop!


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Hey Girl, this is a quick bonus episode. I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! Maybe Mother's Day was hard for you. No matter if you haven't had the best relationship with your mom, maybe you have made mistakes as a mom, or maybe you have been having a hard time getting pregnant, whatever that looks like for you I want you to know that you're amazing and I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day!

This episode is all about why it's important to free yourself from the mind junk. Mind junk holds you back from stepping into your purpose, and from pursuing your passion and dreams. That's why I launched the Free From Mind Junk 2-day Workshop on May 12 and May 13 from 1-1:45PM CST. I wanted to do something special and unique. During this workshop you'll learn how to identify the lies and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Sometimes because of the mistakes we've made or the things that were spoken into us, we don't even feel good enough to pursue those dreams. Mujer, I want you to be everything you've been created to be. It's time for you to renew your mind, so you can boldly step into your God-given purpose. I'll also be sharing more about the heart of Fearless Mujer Mentoring, and why it's helping women begun to rewrite the lies. It's time that you revamp and reignite the woman that you are, so that you can walk in a new confidence!

This workshop is happening in the Fearless Mujer Private Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefearlessmujer
You should still register so that you can have a chance to win the Fearless Mujer Swag Bag, filled with an inspirational coffee mug, a Fearless Mujer Podcast T-shirt and More!
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