Ep. 34 - Get real with yourself so you can stop self-sabotaging! with Rosa Alejandra


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Hey Girl, welcome back to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer. It's gonna get real on the podcast today! I had the honor of having an amazing Mujer on the podcast. Rosa Alejandra gets real with Mujeres who are ready to get vulnerable and do the work necessary in order to elevate and upgrade to a better version of themselves. She shares with us the true power of a woman, and why you need to step into the woman you need to be. It's time to step out of fear and pass on the wisdom within you. She shares why you need to stop letting fear stop you, and why you need to become aware of who you are so that you can stop self-sabotaging!
Rosa Alejandra is on a mission to free FemBosses from behavioral patterns that keeps them stuck. She is a Neurolinguistic Programming Coach and her Woman Up Accelerator is filled with programs to help you free your mind and reach success.
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Hey Girl, you know I'm always here to chat. If you're struggling with understanding how to boldly step into what God has put on your heart to pursue I would love to chat. Send me a message: https://fearlessmujer.com/contact
Connect with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefearlessmujerpodcast/

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