Ep. 35 // Bonus - Empower yourself, so you can be the confident woman you desire to be! Listen to Free From Mind Junk day 2 workshop.


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Hey Girl, welcome to this bonus episode of The Fearless Mujer. I'm so glad you stopped by for a virtual cup of cafecito. Thank you to all the ladies who stopped by the workshop these past two days! I am so grateful for you. To the women who reached out to me to share your heart, girl please know that I appreciate you so much.
On day 2 of the Free From Mind Junk Workshop I shared how to be a confident woman and what it means to be a confident woman. I talked about the comparison trap, and I also shared how you can boldly begin to pursue the dreams on your heart.
Being a confident woman doesn't mean perfection. A confident woman knows her strengths and her weaknesses. She knows who she is at her core. She makes her decisions based on the life she wants to create. The first step to becoming a confident woman, is giving yourself the permission to be her. Are you ready to do that?!

No, you're not crazy for wanting to chase after what God has put on your heart. It's there for a reason.

I also shared more about the Fearless Mujer Mastermind!
This 6 - week mastermind for the Mujer who desires to believe in herself, and to be free to finally pursue her dreams.
A unique mastermind where you will be encouraged, affirmed, and supported every step of the way.

A space for you to connect with like-minded women without judgement.

You will be mentored with authenticity and compassion.

May 24 - July 2, 2021

If you are...

ready to free yourself from the worry of what others think?

ready to free yourself from feeling like you're not good enough?

ready to pursue that thing on your heart with boldness?

ready to reignite the woman you are and start believing in yourself?

ready to pursue your God-given purpose?

ready to do the hard work of "heart work"?

I invite you to be part of this special mastermind!
Please don't wait if you know this for you, Girl You Know! If this is tugging at your heart, and you're tired of carrying around the mind junk and feeling stuck schedule a cafecito call with me right now because I know you wanna know all the 411!
I know you have questions and I'm happy to answer those questions.
Click on this link to get more detailed info about the mastermind
Then schedule your cafecito call!
Can't wait to partner up with you!
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