Ep. 38 - Mujer, stop waiting for a seat at the table, your voice is valuable! with Rita Bautista


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Hey Girl, I'm so happy that you're back to share some Cafecito with me! On this episode of The Fearless Mujer I had the honor of speaking to an inspiring Mujer who is inspiring others.
Rita Bautista is the Founder and CEO of The Latina Podcasters Network. She is truly paving the way for others, and empowering others to be seen and heard! She shares with me how in a moment of despair she began using her voice to empower others. Rita started podcasting and through podcasting she founded The Latina Podcasters. She shares with us that we need to stop waiting for someone to give us a seat at the table, because as Latinas we have the responsibility to start creating. Our voices are so valuable. This episode is going to inspire you to stop waiting for someone to give you a seat at the table. Rita also shares that when we all come to the table together, things will definitely work out for us.
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More About Rita Bautista
- As founder and ceo of the Latina Podcasters Network, Bautista connects aspiring and established Mujeres Latinas and the Latinx community. She has been called a bold innovative thinker and cultural connector by her peers. She’s responsible for hosting the first Latina Podcasters meetup at any podcast convention.

Her passion and love for the podcasting industry came in 2019 when she launched her first podcast, Empowerment & All That. This podcast was dedicated solely to empowering women by delivering motivational interviews and episodes. Her desire to keep growing in the podcast community and find cultural relevancy was the driving force to develop Latina Podcasters Network.

Latina Podcasters is the first and only global podcast network committed solely to amplifying the voices of Latinas and Latinx Mujeres.

Bautista is a graduate of the University of New Orleans and has over a decade of experience serving on civic and non-profit boards representing Latinx voices in education, government, business and sports.
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