Ep. 40 - Your story is everything! with Marisol Villatoro


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Hey Girl, welcome to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer. This week I have an amazing and inspiring Mujer on the podcast! Marisol has such an inspiring story, and on this episode she shares why your story is everything! She is a woman of faith who has a desire to help other women by using her story. She shares with us, her journey of coming to a new country as a young girl and how God showed her that He brought her to the U.S. for a reason.
It inspired her to help and serve other women. She has a degree in Psychology and worked as a social worker, but then realized that God had other things in store for her. Marisol has created the Fear Not Included Podcast. It's meant to encourage and empower women to be who they have been called to be. Her mission is a beautiful one, and I love what she is doing!
Her story is going to inspire you to step out on faith!
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