Ep. 43 - Are you allowing your past to define you? Don't allow the shame and pain to hold you back anymore.


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Hey Chica, welcome to this week's episode of The Fearless Mujer. I'm so excited that you're hanging out with me. If this is your first time listening to this podcast, welcome I am truly happy that you are here! On today's episode I want to dive into past mistakes. Are you allowing your past mistakes to limit you? Are you allowing your past to define you? Do you constantly replay all the things that have happened in your life, and are you allowing that to determine your success in life? Are you allowing the voice of others to determine the decisions you make in life? Are you letting toxic people tell you how your life should be? Many women are replaying all the mistakes they have made, and even the past pain. They hide behind it and continue to live in shame. But, the truth is that your past doesn't define you. You should never have to tolerate toxic people either. You know, the ones who constantly criticize your past or try to tell you how to live your life. This episode is all about you stepping into your authority. There is power when you step into your authority and you begin to walk in confidence. Your past does should not determine how far you can go, and you no longer need to keep holding on to what you've done or what has happened to you. If you have been living in shame because of your past, it's time to let that go. You are loved and you are seen, and you have been created with a beautiful purpose.
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