Ep. 49 - The Power of Rewriting The Lies! / Mastermind grads share their experience. / Shirley, Erika, Alexis


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Girl, are you feeling ready to step into boldness and confidence? Or maybe you’re ready to step into authority and finally give yourself permission to become the woman God created you to be? Then I think it’s time we had a little cafecito chat! Today’s episode is a little different, but I promise it’s a good one and you’re going to leave inspired and empowered! Shirley, Erika, and Alexis just wrapped up the May Fearless Mujer Mastermind and I had the honor of bringing them on to have them share their experience and how they were transformed by the Mastermind.

You will get to hear from Shirley, who shares how she was able to learn that it was time to face her limiting beliefs head on. She didn’t realize how much those limiting beliefs were blocking her from her true potential. As a woman who wears multiple titles (mother, wife, etc.) she found herself being stretched super thin and it was so easy to believe those beliefs without questioning them. However, through the mastermind, she experienced her breakthrough moment when she took those thoughts captive by journaling them down on paper and rewriting the lies. It helped her to not only expose the lies but really absorb the rewritten truth.

As well as, from Erika whose eye opening moment was getting to rewrite the lies and moving out of her own way. She was able to stop living in those limiting mindset moments and realize that she was the one stopping herself from growing. “It was until I had the opportunity to take the mastermind and work with Micaela, that I saw the truth. I was living in lies”. She always believed the lies in her head that were spoken over her and repeated “you will never be good enough”. Even in the smallest moments of her life she would hear that same phrase. It wasn’t until she got out of her own way and accepted that although it was spoken over her, it was not her identity.

Also, from Alexis who was able to experience that she was not the only woman with those limiting beliefs. Being able to hear from other women that all have the same limiting beliefs but they manifest differently allowed her to better understand herself. She looked forward to meeting with the group and jumping onto the accountability calls every week. Her breakthrough moment was when she realized that she was not giving herself enough grace. She would tell herself, “once I reach this place in life or have this much, then I deserve to give myself grace”. But through the mastermind, she was encouraged to give herself grace and be deserving of grace through every step of the way.

The Fearless Mujer Mastermind is such a powerful tool that can give the simple task of asking yourself who you want to be in the future, something you may never have thought to do before! It’s like turning on the light in your head, a place where the lights may have been out for a long time. It’s time to walk into your mind like you would walk into a room where the lights are not always on. Suddenly the lights come on and you see it all! The dust, dirt, writing on the walls everywhere, the mess. That is exactly what this mastermind will do, a light that will expose all the clean up that is needed!

Make sure to share this episode with your amigas, so that they can be inspired and empowered too!

Girl, if you want to learn more or you feel like you are ready to start exposing those lies and rewriting them go to https://fearlessmujer.com/mastermind and grab your spot or schedule a CAFECITO call with me for more information! The Fearless Mujer Mastermind starts July 12th! I would love for you to be a part of it - there are only 4 spots open!

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