Ep. 50 - Let Your Mess Become Your Message!


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Girl, have you been feeling the messiness of life? And have you noticed how social media tends to only show the highlights of our lives or others? Whether you are going through a tough season of life right now and things just keep piling up or things are going great but at some point you navigated this tough season moment; you can totally relate! But let me ask you this - Can you allow your mess to become your message?

Sometimes life feels like a hot mess - to put it into a visual - it’s like walking into a cluttered home and you can’t get to your kitchen unless you’re jumping over boxes of old things, dirty piles of clothes, and random knick knacks. And girl, believe it or not, sometimes we choose to continue living in that mess instead of cleaning it up and getting rid of it! So can you take that step back and look at your life in a different perspective? Would you be able to see the solution more clearly? Sis, maybe you’re thinking you are the only one dealing with those types of thoughts, feelings, and emotions; but let me tell you, you are not! There are other women out there that are going through or have gone through those same things and the way you navigated that mess is the solution THEY NEED RIGHT NOW! Be the voice others need!

I myself lived a messy life, took it with me everywhere, and in the end placed that mess and pain on my marriage! It rocked my relationship with my husband because I was placing my past hurt and pain on him; when it wasn’t even his fault. It wasn’t until I focused on removing that mess to be able to set myself FREE!

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