You can't believe in yourself if other people are defining who you are! // S02EP.02


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Hey Amiga, I am so excited and honored that you are stopping by for a virtual cup of Cafecito.
I want to dive into this episode by encouraging you and reminding you that you are worthy no matter what has happened in the past. Sometimes when we have made mistakes we tend to replay those mistakes and allow them to define who we are. That can cause you to feel unworthy, especially when toxic family or friends are reminding you of your mistakes. Are you struggling to believe in yourself because you have allowed others to define you? Have you embraced what others have said about you? If you are struggling with believing in yourself ask yourself Who am I? and Who do I want to be? Answering these questions will begin to help you get clarity, and will also help you make decisions based off what you want! It's important to know who you are, because you have been called to influence the next generation of women. Girl, you have a much bigger purpose. Please know that I am always here to support you. If you need some accountability with setting goals or working through some things that are holding you back from pursuing your dreams let's chat.
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