Chapter 11 Ep. 7 - Accessories


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It's the final episode of The Fellows Bold's attempt at the infamous Tomb of Horrors. They're right in the heart of the dungeon and Aurelia, Lynhart, Oliago, and Von are preparing themselves for what promises to be an epic reckoning with the Big Bad Anorak himself. But what they find when they open that last door will strike at the foundation of the Fellowship's very purpose. This revelation has been a (/an actual irl) year in the making.

Chapter 12 will start airing next week. We'll be mixing Tales from the Yawning Portal with some original dungeons as we prep to enter the boss-stage of Season 1.

TFB @ the Swansea Fringe: 05/10/19, 2pm, Cinema&Co. It's completely free - you can just turn up!

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