Are You Actually Healthy? Find Out for Sure with Dr. Berzin.


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Meet Dr. Robin Berzin a functional medicine doctor and the founder of Parsley Health. Dr. Robin founded the company in 2015 because she saw a flaw in the American medical system, which primarily focuses on prescriptions and procedures, not preventative care. About 90% of diseases are related to social determinants–your environment and your behavior. At Parsley, Dr. Robin’s team of traditionally trained doctors work with members, who pay a monthly subscription fee of $150 to understand what is going on in their lives that might be impacting their health. And as Dr. Robin shares in this episode, your health is all about how you feel—not how you look so you really need to listen to your body. We’ll also cover how Dr. Robin fundraised while 9 months pregnant, hormones, sleep, the physical Parsley clinics like the new one that just opened in LA, and so much more. Plus, you can save $400 when you join Parsley’s West Hollywood location with promo code LAFM. Links below!

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