Navigating The Highs + Lows of Life with the Founders of Shine


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Meet Marah Lidey + Naomi Hirabayashi, the founders of Shine, a digital self-care platform that gives you access to a daily motivational text, community, articles, and more. Marah and Naomi started Shine with the promise to offer users the same support they found in each other as friends and to help you feel more seen, heard, and represented in the world of self-care. And just a few years later with millions of users, they’ve definitely kept their promise. But we didn’t bring them on the show to only talk about business—we want to know how the busy founders manage their own highs and lows and how they apply their self-care learnings to their lives, families, and work culture. Plus, Caileen and Lauren will be answering tough questions at the end of the show starting with job burnout and the last time Lauren left her comfort zone.

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