Repairing Relationships: Husband Says, “It’s Either Me Or That Church! Choose!”


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Larry married Vanessa in the church she grew up in. Her family has been active a long time in the church, the Pastor had watched Vaness grow from teenager to adult. Her family was heavily involved in the church. After seven years of marriage and two children, Larry says he is sick of his wife’s heavy involvement in the church, endless choir rehearsals, meetings, fundraisers, revivals, etc, where she is always gone and he and his wife spend no time together. If he complains, she tells him he needs to get “saved.” Larry feels that his wife listens to the church pastor more than him, and certainly gives the pastor more money. He is fed up and ready to get a divorce, but he doesn’t want to hurt his children. He feels himself drifting to a woman in the building where they live who seems ready to give him the attention he feels he is missing from his wife. Can this marriage be saved?

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