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Our special guest for today’s New Year episode is world-renowned astrologer Steven Forrest. Steven is the author of a dozen astrological bestsellers including the classic, The Inner Sky. Over the course of his stellar career Steven has travelled world-wide teaching his brand of choice-centered Evolutionary Astrology, which integrates free will, grounded humanistic psychology and ancient metaphysics. We discuss how a person’s astrological imprint might be mapped onto their aura or energy field, how astrology is a method of understanding the hermetic adage "as above, so below" and how astrology can provide a useful roadmap to a soul's journey. Steven describes the approach of Evolutionary Astrology and how it incorporates the conditioning of past-lives to understand our karmic patterns in the current one. We discuss ways of considering how astrology works and why the moment of birth is so integral to our astrological mapping. Steven shares some of his personal journey, and how he views astrology as a path to self-knowledge. We discuss the role of the planet pluto, known as the lord of the underworld - the shamanic planet, the journey of the soul or mindstream (citta-santāna), the relationship of astrology to co-creating the evolution of consciousness and how collective or mundane astrology is performed. In this inspiring and informative conversation Steven shares how knowledge of his own astrological chart has informed and contextualized his life journey and the potential that astrology holds in empowering individuals to understand themselves and navigate life in a deeper, more meaningful way.
Of Steven's work, the musician Sting says he "...manages to disarm the sceptic, as well as debunk the charlatanism that surrounds popular astrology, with language that is as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic" whilst Rob Brezny, in his popular Real Astrology column, simply calls him “the most brilliant astrologer alive”.

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