How to Make a thrilling, chilling horror in the wilderness with Casper Seale Jones director and writer of ‘To Tokyo’ with hosts Giles Alderson, Tori & Matthew Butler-Hart


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This week director and screenwriter Caspar Seale Jones joins Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Fizz and Ginger to talk about his debut feature To Tokyo.

He talks about coming from a film-making family and how he originally trained in a animation background .

He talks about the importance of story boarding and how important it is to prep a movie. Working on the script is so important and how he set out to make four shorts.

Using his families money for the first section and how he found his investors to fund the rest of principal photography on the film.

Caspar learnt that getting notes back on a story board is cheaper than notes on the shoot and how he wrote the script for To Tokyo

How you have to learn from your mistakes and how he got at arrested during filming in Tokyo

To Tokyo Website and Trailer


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