[LIVE SHOW] Reality TV Star, Top Shot Philippines, and more!


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Episode 48 of TFM. May 13, 2021.

The First Mint Live RETURNS TO ACTION!

Join LGDoucet, TheReelPhilD, and Special Guests. We got reality TV star CHRIS MANZO, Dijo and Marvin from Top Shot Philippines, and a bunch of pack openings! And plenty of other special surprises and challenges.

00:00 Intro

02:15 Chris Manzo on the show

07:30 Top Shot Marketing

10:15 Chris can’t withdraw yet

12:30 Chris flagged account

14:30 Cool Cats still going

18:30 Throwdowns Tankathon

23:00 Selling Throwdowns for nothing

26:45 The #1 De’Aaron Fox

30:15 What to do with the #1 Fox

36:25 The Giannis Jersey Number

44:30 The Philippines Top Shot Crew!

48:00 Buying Together Strategy

51:00 Philippino NBA Players

54:30 How It got started

56:00 They got scammed!

59:30 We need a scammer or bot!

1:02:30 Philippino Trivia

1:05:30 The McDonald’s of the Philippines

1:07:15 Jollybee’s menu

1:09:20 Weekly Challenge

1:12:00 Snipes cracks a pack!

1:14:55 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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