The Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast Episode 127: Bernadette Pleasant (Femme!)


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Podcast Episode 127: Bernadette Pleasant (Femme!)

Bernadette Pleasant is an energetic firebrand who is a speaker, healer, dancer, entrepreneur, and creator of Femme!, a mind-body wellness program. The FBGs had the chance to speak to her about how she began her career and what made her out on the “emotional spanks” in her life. Trust us, this episode gets very emotional as this woman cannot help but speak her truth.

Bernadette believes that movement is important to learning and her Femme experiences are body inclusive, a safe space for all ages, backgrounds and body types to find peace, empowerment while moving with the music to tap into your emotions. Think of it as the one space you can reach down and really express your rage, sorrow, worry, joy--whatever you want to send out to the universe. (It’s not uncommon to see people weep while dancing during a Femme workshop.)

This show, in particular, gets deep and we could not be any happier to introduce you to the healing world of Bernadette here!

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