FIT86 Eurobike Recap: Who's gonna buy all these smart indoor bikes?


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Here's your complete Eurobike 2019 sports tech recap. We dive into all the new tech found at the show this year, and our thoughts on everything. Here's the full lineup (in order we discuss them):

Smart Trainers:

  • Tacx (Neo2T)
  • Elite (DiretoX, Tuo, Suito)
  • Wahoo (none. But new firmware!)
  • Saris (H3, Rocker, Desk)
  • 4iiii - Fliiiiiiiiiiiiight
  • Kinetic - R1 (not new)
  • Jetblack - Volt and EMS

Smart Bikes:

  • Tacx
  • Elite's Price Reduction
  • Stages
  • Wahoo
  • SRM
  • TrueKinetix
  • VeloPro

Other Tech/Power Meters:

  • SRM MTB pedals
  • Rotor INspider power meter
  • Zwift steering
  • Steering devices
  • Rouvy Apple TV
  • Kinomap's new layouts

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