FIT99 Live Studio Audience Recording at the Tour Down Under - Ask Anything


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This was a special live studio audience recording of the FIT File podcast from the Tour Down Under at the Rapha pop-up shop. Guests include Wahoo lead developer Murray Hughes, sport scientist Neal Henderson, and a boatload of audience questions.

Note the video version is available here:

0:00 – Bikes, Beer, and Tech Explainer 1:50 – Introductions 5:40 – The impact of less accurate power meters in the pro peloton/athletes 15:30 – To Murray: What was the most difficult Wahoo product feature to develop that you thought would be easy? 19:50 – What has surprised us in the last 12 months in sports tech? 26:00 – Do pros and elite athletes use indoor training apps/devices the same way as consumers? 28:00 – Why can’t we just plug our trainers into WiFi? 31:35 – To Wahoo: What’s Wahoo’s power meter plans for Speedplay (since acquisition)? 32:25 – To Neal: As an elite coach, what do his athletes screw up the most? 34:14 – What do we expect with Zwift’s entrance into trainer hardware? 37:35 – Is reliance of tech taking away from riding a bike? 41:30 – To Neal: What does he see with mental health in the pro peloton/elite competitors, and coping with pressures?


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