EP087: Introducing the Transform App


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Drew welcomes back Chris and Heidi Powell to the podcast. They introduce us to their new Transform app and describe the extreme amount of effort they built into every program, every nutrition plan and every meal guide. They are even guest customer service reps when you need help! They also talk about their retirement from the TV show, Extreme Weight Loss, switching from Crossfit to Physique and how they balance their family life, their work life, their married life and their fitness goals.

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Key Takeaways:

[07:00] After seeing 'Extreme Weight Loss' more than 400,000 people wrote to Chris and Heidi asking for help.

[15:25] Finding a balance in having a family and a popular tv show is easier for Chris than Heidi.

[20:30] Chris and Heidi don't hold grudges, they fight like brothers and sisters.

[23:39] What keeps them grounded as a married couple?

[29:25] The Transform App has fitness programs built by the best in the business.

[38:53] Chris and Heidi discuss switching from Crossfit to competing in a Physique Competition.

[50:20] Weekly life lessons come as part of the Transform App addresses the mental and emotional aspects of transformation.


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