EP169: Plant Medicine Can Heal the World with Gerry Powell


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Early childhood experiences can be hidden in the deepest places of our subconscious minds. Many people spend years and thousands of dollars on traditional talk therapy to get to the root of their issues. Drew’s guest, Gerry Powell took a different route. After collecting extreme material wealth and ruining his personal relationships, Gerry ingested the plant-based, root medicine, iboga, which transformed his life. In this episode, Gerry shares his struggle to cope with life before his plant-based transformation, the conversation with the moon that introduced him to his soul and gave him a new direction, and how ayahuasca and breathe work are at the core of programs at Rythmia.

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Key Takeaways:

[5:30] Gerry shares his story of empty success, addiction, hitting rock bottom, and the purpose of unhappiness.

[13:06] In Gerry's book, Shit the Moon Said, he shares how he got to the root of his problems through a root.

[18:12] What makes the root therapy different than traditional talk therapies and seminars?

[22:30] Vibrational changes helped Gerry to mend relationships in his life, save for one.

[28:21] Gerry started Rythmia in Costa Rica when the moon told him not to open a chain of strip clubs.

[31:41] How religious traditions integrate into the plant medicine experience.

[38:59] Does everyone experience a miracle after ingesting ayahuasca?


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