Episode 315: 6 Steps to Go from Crickets to Customers (FS315)


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How’s your business? We know it’s not easy to build a business, but it’s also not impossible. Truth is, opening the door to getting a successful business feels like it’s impossible sometimes, but really, it’s just impassable. What you need is to find the key that unlocks that door.

The Fizzle Roadmap is a great place to start, teaching you things like differentiating between what you can and can’t control and helping you to discover who you are as a business owner so that you can bring your own flair to the entrepreneurial landscape.

In this episode, we are going to be talking to those of you who know you can help people and have something to say, have ticked all the boxes of how to get your business out there, but who feel like they’re shouting into an empty void. We’re going to help you grow your audience by suggesting group programs and by giving you the six steps to connecting with your clients and customers.

We also talk about the importance of packaging what you offer in the most appealing way, while also getting your clients and customers what they need most. Join us today on the Fizzle Show to find out how to do just that!

Key Points From This Episode:

• The discouraging process of trying to get a following but just not getting there. [0:10:17.0]
• Why group programs are underrated and why their popularity will likely escalate. [0:14:02.0]
• The many benefits of group programs versus learning one-on-one. [0:17:16.0]
• The six steps to building a connection-based, community-driven business. [0:21:05.0]
• Why you have to tackle the who of your business before you get to the how. [0:21:30.0]
• How a community anchor creates a common language that unifies your audience. [0:23:27.0]
• The importance of understanding what people actually want. [0:29:12.0]
• The difference between being selective about what you attract your following with and making false promises. [0:35:47.0]
• Connecting with your customers and aligning yourself with their desired outcomes. [0:40:42.0]
• The most important aspect about building your irresistible community anchor. [0:45:57.0]
• Going further with the piece of content you’ve created for your community anchor. [0:54:07.0]
• Why you have to keep track of your most engaged leads. [1:01:27.0]
• What to do once you have the people in your group. [1:03:18]
• And much more!

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