Gary Gannon: Sport saved me from crime and drugs


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Newly elected Social Democrat TD Gary Gannon has revealed how sport saved him from a life of crime or drug addiction. The Dublin Central politician said playing for his local football team inspired him and his friends to avoid the troubles that have befallen many of those they grew up with. Speaking to’s Floating Voter podcast, Mr Gannon said: “For me when I look back, and what actually saved me it was sport definitely.” “The lads I played with in Sherriff (Street) absolutely none of them are involved in crime or have been involved in crime,” he added. “We were training Tuesday, Thursday and playing matches on Saturday and Sunday. Our manager wouldn't have slapped the head off us but he would have made us believe he would have if we got involved in any of that type of stuff.” Mr Gannon said he went to school with lots of friends who now are serving prison sentences for various crimes or are addicted to drugs. The new TD also said not everyone in his community is impressed by his rise in politics and there is certain amount of begrudgery towards him being a politicians. “Some people think I'm an a**hole for various different reasons and they are entitled to,” he said. “They didn't get the privileges I have been afforded. That used to kind of annoy me but I take it with a pinch of salt now. I am very lucky and so what if they think that,” he added.

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