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Episode 5 - I share my 3 best, personal tips to instantly uplift your mood, when you are in a low mode and need to work. I've come to believe that when you create from a place of scarcity, insecurity or moodiness - you will not create your best work. But how do you escape that, if you wake up insecure, or not-good-enough? I tell you about my personal struggles and solutions in this episode - followed by 45 minutes of HIGH-MODE focus work! You want to write a book, set up your own business or work on that creative project that you can’t get out of your head; but you just can’t find the time to do it? You spend too much time procrastinating on social media and get too little things done? You've come EXACTLY to the right place. The Focus Hour podcast helps you to immediately get work done, while listening! You don't need to work harder to reach your goals. You just need to work smarter, with mental focus and clarity. Tune into the magic work-energy of this 1-in-a-kind podcast, hosted by researcher and awarded writer Roanne van Voorst (Ph.D). Roanne is an expert on creativity and stress-free productivity, and the developer of the One Year of Focus training, in which she helps creatives to work with inspiration and concentration on their work projects. You can use this podcast for support and guidance whenever you are stuck in a project, or feel you could need a tribe of co-workers to get you going. Let's find stillness and focus together. Let's stop hustling, and start creating.

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