RE #160: Why Texas is a Smart Place to Invest


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There's been a ton of talk about Texas with the growth of Austin, the mass migration from other states, and our booming Tech industry. This episode deep dives into why Texas is a great place to invest your future business, real estate plans, and life. Enjoy!

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(01:42) - Texas Statistics & Population

(04:24) - The Income and property taxes

(04:59) - The Housing Market

(06:20) - Texas’ Seaport, Border and labor Trade

(07:21) - Oil & Gas

(09:26) - Blooming Tech Industry

(10:14) - Corporate re-locations

Tesla, Apple, Uber, Charles Schwab, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, The Vanguard Group, JP Morgan

(13:06) - Texas Climate

(13:56) - Cannabis

(14:45) - Farming

(15:00) - DFW Airport

(15:42) - Colleges & Universities

(16:25) - Sports

(16:50) - Infrastructure

(17:25) - Wrap Up

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