FoC 122: The Reed of God: Embracing the Dark Secret of Advent


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It’s Advent! Since we’ve already released episodes about Advent music and how we observe Advent in our homes, we decided to talk about the spiritual journey of Advent inspired by one of our favorite books of all time, The Reed of God by 20th century British Catholic and spiritual writer, Caryll Houselander.

We’re sharing in this episode about the essential role of Mary as the model for Christians and how we can be inspired to faithfulness and holiness through her example in a special way during Advent. We talk about the reality of Advent as a time of “darkness” when the work God is doing to redeem us might be done secretly and quietly in our souls as Christ grew in Mary’s womb–not yet revealed. We also discuss the difficulty in trusting God that He will complete the work He is doing in our lives instead of reaching for spiritual perfectionism that insists we can become holy on our own just by trying harder. Houselander has so many incredible insights in this book and we’re excited to share some of her beautiful thoughts on Advent in this episode!

Things we talked about:

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The Reed of God by Caryll Houselander


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