FS 293: Keeping Your Skills Sharp


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  • Reuven
  • Jonathan Stark
  • Jeremy Green

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Reuven and Jonathan discuss “Keeping Your Skill Shape,” with Jeremey Green. The panelist discuss ways to improve their game to keep ahead of the curb in freelancing. This is a great episode to learn the different avenues of sharpening your skill with technologies, applications, courses, project, and literature to stay consistent with an ever-changing industry.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Keeping your skill sharp
  • Doing a mix of things to stay ahead
  • Students and questions
  • Teaching, Education, and Training
  • Strategy to learn new things
  • Doing Side Project to keep ahead
  • Blog, Teach a Course, Write a book
  • If you know more about it then everyone else, you are the expert
  • Learning other technologies
  • Becoming specialized in a specific technology
  • Knowing how to finding information when you need it
  • Crafting the right Google query
  • Social Learning Theory
  • And much more!




Jeremy Green

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