FS 296:  Negotiating with Clients


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  • Reuven Lerner
  • Jonathan Stark
  • Jeremy Green

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, the panelist discuss “Negotiating with Clients.” The panelist, Reuven, Jonathan, and Jeremy give strategies on how to accomplish a “win-win situation” when clients who are trying to bargain on price. Each panelist provides their paths and actions to stand firmly on the price of their services. This is a great episode to get some insight on what at the professionals do to get appropriate pay on their services and many other facets of negotiations that are available.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Do you negotiate on price?
  • Discounts?
  • Steering away from the prices
  • Comparing your services to others
  • Politely decline
  • “Your prices are higher than the other companies”
  • Losing clients
  • Finding a good fit and getting referrals
  • Problems with giving one discount
  • Hourly rates vs. Fixed
  • Caving on prices once!
  • Removing Scope
  • New Proposals and re-quoting
  • Other things besides money to negotiate on
  • Payment options on service
  • Pricing to guarantee there are not bugs
  • 100% payment upfront
  • 60-day net pay
  • Working around policies to get paid
  • More on payment terms
  • Negotiating and deadlines
  • Getting Leads
  • And much more!


Reuven Lerner

Jonathan Stark

Jeremy Green

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