Bonus Episode: Luthier Linda Manzer on Sweep the Floor


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Bonus Episode: Jason launched a new podcast where he celebrates the makers of the world (not just guitarmakers). It's called Sweep the Floor. Every two weeks, he'll talk to an artisan, a craftsperson or a maker of some sort, doing fascinating work. Most of these subjects will have nothing to do with music.

But, for his first episode, he did talk to a familiar Fretboard Journal face: guitarmaker Linda Manzer. On this bonus episode, you can hear the full interview.

Linda Manzer is one of the greatest guitarmakers alive today. She pushes the boundaries of instrument-making and engineering with each of her creations and has a cult-like following among both collectors and world-class players like Pat Metheny, Julian Lage and Bruce Cockburn.

During this chat, we talk to Linda about her development as a luthier, the fateful period she spent learning from archtop guitar hero Jimmy D'Aquisto, and hear about how her own creations continue to evolve.

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