035 - Why Some Amazon Sellers Sell at a Loss (And How That Impacts You)


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Why would anybody sell an item on Amazon for such a low price that they're actually losing money on the transaction? If you’ve ever been sourcing, found an item, but see it's for sale on Amazon at or around the same price you're seeing it sold for in the store you're at, then you’ve probably felt very confused as to why these sellers would be selling products at a loss.

Today, we walk through why sellers may be inclined to use this "sell at a loss" strategy and how it affects you. There are actually several smart strategies that some sellers employ (at the right times) when they are deciding to sell an item at such a low price. In today's show, we'll discuss multiple reasons why a seller would sell at a loss and how these strategies could impact your own Amazon business. To learn about this and more, tune in today!

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