071 - Biggest Wholesale Sourcing Myths - Interview with Dan Meadors


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Selling products wholesale on Amazon can seem like a daunting undertaking -- not only because it seems like there are so many people who are already doing it, but because there are pervasive myths around aspects of the wholesaling industry that make it seem almost impossible to get started. Dan Meadors joins us on today’s show to debunk five of the most common myths and to offer advice and encouragement to those who want to start their own wholesale business.

Among other topics, we discuss the benefits of using third-party logistics/prep centers, the flexibility in the Amazon model that will allow you to play to your strengths, why you should see “no” as an opportunity, and the importance of setting yourself apart by showing potential brands how you can add value to their brand in unique ways. Dan shares stories of students of his who started their own very successful wholesaling businesses while working full-time jobs. If you’re eager to take the leap, tune in to today’s episode.

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