072 - How Ian Bower Averages 40K a Month with Wholesale Sourcing


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Today we sit with Ian Bower, who has been selling items on Amazon that he sourced via wholesale companies for over five years. In the time that has passed, Ian has managed to scale his business and averages around $40,000 in sales a month. In this episode, we start off learning Ian’s professional history and what he was doing before he got into wholesale. From there, we hear about his first mistakes in FBA wholesale and what he learned from the experience. Since then, Ian has honed his skills with his best monthly sales reaching over $100,000.

So how did he achieve such great milestones like this? Ian tells us about how he acquires wholesale accounts and, just as importantly, how to provide them with extra value. Value-add is an important aspect of Ian’s business, and as he explains, it not only creates a good working relationship but it also creates a space where this relationship is exclusive to you. To provide value, though, you first need wholesale relationships. Ian walks us through his step-by-step process for approaching wholesale brands and opens up his playbook on contacting potential clients through cold emails. As our conversation draws to a close, Ian expands on The Wholesale Formula, the course that taught him what he knows about wholesale success today.

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